Getting published

There are two ways to get your book out there: persuade a publisher to make and sell it for you (they bear the cost and you share the profit), or self-publish (you bear all the cost and receive all the profit). If you decide to go down the latter route, I can help you make your book happen.

If you have written a book without a publisher having specifically requested you to, you have what is called an unsolicited manuscript. All publishers have large collections of these, known as the slush pile. Roughly 1% end up being made into books and sold to readers.

To give your book better odds, I strongly advise that you have your book professionally assessed and/or get a literary agent. At the very least, do ensure that you have followed the publisher’s specific submission guidelines. This will usually involve sending in a book proposal, whereby you summarise and market your book to the publisher. I can help you write this and generally advise on approaching publishing houses.

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